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Welcome to the gascon cattle homepage

vache_veau.jpgWelcome in the heart of the Pyrenees, cradle of "GASCON": nursing bovine race adapted well to the difficult conditions... and thus to the others!

The extreme rusticity acquired by generations dedicated to traction, makes it possible these cows as well to spend 5 months in mountain pasture (in altitude, with strong variations in temperatures), in vast herds, delivered to themselves, to make profitable the intensive zones of the plains of the Garonne. While having reduced maintenance costs, the Gascon one produces a calf by cow and per annum, in particular thanks to its maternal qualities. Its meat of a savour and an exceptional smoothness, coupled with the presence of a RED LABEL Gascon Ox (certifying a breeding of quality and traditional type) does nothing but accentuate its fame. The genetic selection tries to improve existing it: breast feeding, rusticity, fruitfulness, the quality of the meat. Some is your need, this updated site permanently, will provide you the brief replies to all your questions about the race, of the embryo to the meat, the stockbreeder to the consumer, and the last topicality will give you.

Gascon actions

Gascon actions

All the Gascon actions are allowed (in addition to the partners present on this page) thanks to the members of the GASCON GROUP:

Stockbreeders by their Syndicats Départementaux, Midatest, Coopelso, EDE 09, 31, 65, SUAE 11 and 66, A.I.B.G., G.P., Synergy and Catalane Bétail et Viande - FINANCEURS : Commissariat à l'Aménagement des Pyérénes, Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon, Ministère (DRAF Languedoc-Roussillon, DRAF Midi-Pyrénées), Languedoc-Roussillon Elevage, FranceAgrimer, europeen programs ,


Flash info

FOIRE D’ESPEZEL : génétique et viande au rendez-vous

Samedi 25 octobre : journée reproducteurs

10 h 00 Concours Régional Gascon L.R.

10 h 30 début des ventes de génisses reproductrices sous enveloppe

11 h 30 dépouillement des enveloppes

12 h 30 remise des « Sabots d’Argent » (Bovin Croissance)

16 h 00 remise des prix du concours

 Dimanche 26 ocotbre : journée « viande »

10 h 30 vente d’animaux gras gascons sous enveloppe

11 h 30 dépouillement des enveloppes